プリンス英米学院 たまプラーザ校

プリンス英米学院 たまプラーザ校

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プリンス英米学院 たまプラーザ校




プリンス英米学院 たまプラーザ校のスタッフ紹介

  • School LeaderSean先生

    Thank you for visiting our blog!!
    Hello, I'm Sean. I'm a school leader at Tama Plaza school.
    The teachers at Prince strive to create an educational and enjoyable English environment for students. We want to equip students with the listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills that will be vital to their future in a continuously globalizing world. From a young age, students can have fun while learning about a new language and new cultures from our diverse group of teachers.

    Our staff are always looking for ways to improve the experience students can have at Prince. We are always looking out for new and effective technology and strategies to improve our classes. We also offer chances to take part in special events and field trips in order to broaden students experience. Recently, we have started programming and robotics classes at Tamaplaza school that are taught entirely in English. Opportunities like these are what give students confidence and motivation to challenge themselves in the future.

    Our students are of all ages and backgrounds, but always enjoy learning and communicating together and with the teachers in a fun and inclusive environment. Our teachers truly care about each student and we want to see them succeed in all aspects of their life and education. We want our students to enjoy learning English and as a result be motivated to put in the work and improve themselves.




  • Joe先生

    Hi, I'm Joe.
    Events at Prince Eibei Gakuin are my favorite! Each year we have special holiday parties, field trips, English Camp, and programming events, for starters.

    Students really enjoy our big annual Halloween Party and Christmas Party. At the Halloween party, I always look forward to the costume contest and trick-or-treating in the park! Students are always so creative with their costumes! Sometimes they have scary ones too. And they always leave with bags and bags of candy and other treats. Come December, Santa comes to visit our Christmas party and brings a specially wrapped gift for each student. The Christmas themed games and races are always exciting and get us all in the Christmas spirit!

    In summer, we go on our annual field trip. This year we played in the maze and then played the Hunter Game with water guns at Kodomo-no-Kuni (Children’s Land) in Yokohama. Students are still talking about the trip weeks later! Some other memorable field trips were watching the penguins at the Sumida Aquarium in Tokyo Sky Tree Town and seeing the huge dinosaur fossils at the National Museum of Nature and Science in Ueno.

    For the kids interested in building and technology, we have our KOOV robot programming days! Students build their own robot using KOOV blocks and then program it themselves to make it move any which way! Students get so creative with their building!

    At Prince, we are always planning new entertaining and educational events for our students! We can’t wait for you to join us!


    生徒たちはプリンスの毎年恒例のハロウィーンパーティーとクリスマスパーティーを本当に楽しんでいます。ハロウィンパーティーでは、コスチュームコンテストや公園でのトリックオアトリートをして思いっきり楽しみます!生徒たちのコスチュームはとてもクリエイティブです!時には、怖いコスチュームで参加してくれる生徒もいます。パーティの最後はトリックオアトリートでもらったキャンディーや菓子でいっぱいになります! 12月になると、サンタさんがクリスマスパーティーに来て、生徒ごとにラッピングされたギフトを持ってきてくれます。クリスマスをテーマにしたゲームやレースはいつもエキサイティングで、私たちもクリスマスを生徒たちと一緒に楽しんでしまうほどです。




  • Jeff先生

    Hi, I'm Jeff and a teacher and a scientist at Tama Plaza school.
    Here at Prince Eibei Gakuin Tama Plaza school, teachers create an environment where the students are able to enjoy learning English and help them gain confidence to become whatever they want to be in the future. That being said, English learning is not just being done inside the four walls of the classroom. Aside from regular classes, the teachers and staff organize and offer special events that would offer opportunities for the students discover new interests and goals while learning English. One such event is STEAM Learning which is being held on Spring, Summer, or Winter school events.

    STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Learning is an educational approach where we aim to develop interest in science and technology through art in children from an early age. As a scientist myself, one of my goals is to be able to inspire the new generation to pursue careers in science and technology in a world of increasing globalization. And I think STEAM learning is one step in giving young children a pleasant experience for them to discover new goals and passions while learning English at the same time. In STEAM Learning, we help them develop problem solving and critical thinking skills, as well as engage in collaboration with the teachers and other students. These skills will help prepare the students in becoming competent and responsible adults who can induce positive changes in society in the future.


    STEAM(科学、技術、工学、芸術、数学)学習は、幼い頃から子どもたちの芸術を通して科学技術への関心を高めることを目的とした教育的アプローチです。私自身の科学者としての私の目標の1つは、グローバル化が進む世界で科学技術のキャリアを追求するように新世代を鼓舞できるようにすることです。そして、STEAM学習は、幼児が英語を学びながら新しい目標や情熱を発見するための楽しい経験を提供するためのひとつのステップだと思います。 STEAM Learningでは、問題解決と批判的思考のスキルを身に付け、教師や他の生徒と協力するのを支援します。これらのスキルは、将来社会に前向きな変化を引き起こすことができる有能で責任ある大人になるための学生の準備に役立ちます。

  • Aaron先生

    Hello! I’m Aaron, a teacher at Tama Plaza school.

    Prince Eibei Gakuin schools have classes for students of all ages. Of course, seeing the improvement of English ability in all my students makes me very happy, however, I get the most fulfillment from seeing students in the baby classes grow in their language ability.

    Teaching baby classes, I have the opportunity to play a significant role in shaping a baby's future by providing them with a strong foundation in English language skills. Aside from this there are a host of positive benefits for the child in taking our baby classes. As babies are in the early stages of language development, teaching them English can help them become proficient in the language as they get older, making it easier for them to communicate with others. Introducing babies to English at a young age can also broaden their cultural horizons and expose them to different ways of thinking, as they learn new words and concepts. Lastly, teaching babies English can help to pave the way for their future success, as they become more prepared to enter school and navigate the demands of academic life.

    Witnessing a baby's progress as they learn new words, phrases, and even whole sentences is always a source of great joy. It's so rewarding to see the baby's face light up when they realize they can communicate with others through language. Overall, teaching a baby English and seeing them grow in their language abilities gives you a sense of accomplishment that is hard to match.

    In any case, baby or adult alike, at Prince you can find the perfect program to learn English and better yourself all at once!

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